About the Digital Museum

About the Archive Club

The Archive Club was founded in 2018 by Race Nelson under the teacher-sponsor Mrs. Christine Braun. Mrs. Braun had inherited the artifacts that Mrs. Patricia Johnston, a former Pine View teacher, collected throughout her years at Pine View. When the club was founded, the artifacts we had were piled in boxes in one of the mobile learning cottages. Thanks to the efforts of Race, Mrs. Braun, and the other founding members of the club, we acquired a display area as well as a storage area for our artifacts in Building 17 after its completion in 2021. Since then, the Archive Club has been managing the displays as well as organizing the storage room and expanding upon this website.

About the Digital Museum

The Pine View Digital Museum was created in 2023 by Cyrus Kuhn as his Eagle Scout Project along with the help of the Archive Club. This Digital Museum was created to represent the Pine View brand with consistency and accuracy to potential students, students, alumni, community partners, business sponsors, faculty, staff, past employees, and media outlets to have information about the activities, awards, and lifestyle of Pine View School in the past while also allowing alumni to access the past and present of the school that they once called home. Since its creation in 2023, the Digital Museum has been maintained and updated by the Archive Club and sponsored by the Pine View Association.

About the Eagle Scout

Cyrus Kuhn is a Pine View Student of the Class of 2024. Throughout high school, Cyrus was in pursuit of the Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts of America. After joining the Archive Club, he saw that there was no access to the history of the Archives to those who it would matter most to, Pine View alumni. This realization gave him the idea to make a digital version of the Archive, giving abundant access to the Archives to not only alumni, but also current Pine View students. This project would soon be approved as his Eagle Scout Project, one of the most important parts of becoming an Eagle Scout.

At the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, Cyrus took over as the President of the Archive Club and worked hard to make this website a reality. Throughout the year as the Archives became more and more organized, Cyrus began photographing many of the artifacts and photos in the Archive, before working with Principal Dr. Covert as well as many other staff members to find a service to host the digital archive. Soon, the idea of this Eagle Scout Project became a full website, and Cyrus along with the rest of the club ensured that the new Digital Archive would continue to grow and ensure continued access to the Archive to everyone.

About Patricia Johnston

Mrs. Patricia Johnston started teaching at Pine View when it first opened in 1969. Throughout her 46 years teaching at Pine View, Mrs. Johnston collected thousands of photos and artifacts that she kept with her throughout her life, ranging from some of her first students’ artwork to Herald Tribune articles about Pine View. When she retired, she left many of these artifacts with the school so that students may look at them and learn about the history of their school. Unfortunately, Mrs. Johnston never got to see the displays in Building 17, as she passed away May 7, 2021. In memory of her donations to the Archives, her incredibly positive impact on her students, and her dedication to Pine View, the space now operated by the Archive Club has been named the Patricia E. Johnston Archives.