Donations and Requests

Much of Pine View’s past is kept with its students, whether it be through trophies, awards, yearbooks, or t-shirts. As such, if you are an alumni or current student and you have anything that you feel is important to the history of Pine View that you would like to donate, email us! If you still wish to keep these precious artifacts, feel free to email us pictures!

As many students and alumni can attest to, Pine View is a very work-intensive school. Due to this and the Archive Club being relatively small, it will take an extensive amount of time to get the massive amount of artifacts in our collection scanned and uploaded to this Digital Museum. However, if you have a specific artifact or subject in mind that you would like to see, feel free to email us about it! If we can find what you are looking for, we will upload it and notify you about its presence.

Our email is, and we are always happy to hear from you!