The History of…


As any Pine View high schooler would know, Cobalt is Pine View’s version of prom. What most people don’t know is why it is called Cobalt. The tradition of Cobalt began in 1972 when the Class of 1973 (the first graduating class) held a potluck dinner for their teachers. Because of the small size of Pine View at the time, this potluck was to be held in a portable, which could easily fit all of the students and teachers who attended. This portable was that of the chemistry teacher, Dr. Malinsky, and those who attended decided to name the portable the “Cobalt Cafe.” Since then, Pine View has grown significantly, preventing Cobalt from being held in such a small space, and the tradition has evolved away from a dinner and into a dance consisting primarily of students.

The Elementary Class Trip

One of the traditions that has been a part of Pine View’s history is he elementary class trip. Each year, every grade goes on a trip to take them to a historically or scientifically important place (and sometimes just someplace fun). Fifth graders get to go to Kennedy Space Center to learn about the many endeavors made to get to space and fourth graders make their way to St. Augustine to learn about the first settlement in Florida.